Video Door Entry System

Finally, the world’s security needs finds a ground-breaking solution. World, get access to G-Access.
Universal Stability
The elegant design perfectly suits all kinds of décors. The G-Access video door phone is suitable for a single-family house or a residential or commercial building.
Indoor monitor
The versatile G-Access’ Pro indoor monitor has touch screen control with simple user interface accentuated with graphical intuitive symbols that make operations easy. It has a uni-body touch control keypad, remote unlock and camera viewing options.
Stunning design
It has a beautiful slide-in slide-out monitor screen design with a 4” TFT LCD larger touch screen interface that provides hands-free calling, door unlocking and many more operating convenience features.
Outdoor unit
Made with uni-body aluminum panel with a rain protection cover, the camera has a night vision. It has a unique theft alarm that activates when it
Apartment Outdoor unit
The all-new G-Access Apartment Video Door Phone works on a TCP/IP technology. It has Standard H.264 and G.711 video and audio compression ability. It can connect upto 99 doors and 9999 apartment units in one block.

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